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The brain is constantly scanning our surroundings for safety, comfort, and mood. But current video conferencing offers a sterile visual environment which our brains cannot decypher, this creates mental stress. Our designs incorporate organic components such as rolling waves on a distant beach. This removes fatigue and facilitates communication.
No more fatigue
Defuse anxiety
Immersive video calls embeds participants in one scene. No one feels over-exposed like on standard video calls. This reduces on-screen anxiety and enables for patients to relax. For young adults and teenagers we have designed fun age-appropriate themed rooms.
Start with a breathing exercise then switch to a different background. Select a background then switch based on ambiance, seating arrangement, and other environmental parameters. It can be cozy, fun, dark or bright...
Strategic preparation
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Set your fee and get paid on the spot. Callers can pay you during or after a meeting in the same window and in 1-click. No more chasing unpaid invoice and save your precious time. See how you can get paid instantly in our How-to.