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Coaches & Consultants
Great online calls deserve great online settings
Your logo and company details are integrated right into the scenes. They are part of the user interface. This amplifies your brand, and enriches it with the latest innovations on the internet.
Decision Making
Office design impacts decision making in real life, why wouldn’t it impact decisions online? Our designs integrate a variety of themes, stimuli and symbolic artifacts for the Host to choose from.
Start with a breathing exercise then switch to a different background. Select a room then switch based on ambiance, seating arrangement, and other environmental parameters. It can be cozy, fun, dark or bright...
Strategic Preparation
1-Click Payments
Set your fee and get paid on the spot. Callers can pay you during or after a meeting in the same window and in 1-click. No more chasing unpaid invoice and save your precious time. See how you can get paid instantly in our How-to.